Hi everyone,

At our meeting on the 27/5, I spoke in gushing terms (blush) about a presentation I saw from Stephan Schmidt from the Learning Materials Unit where he demonstrated the capabilities of the current Moodle platform. If you'd like to have a look for yourself, log in to Moodle and under the Course categories section, type Steph's Demo into the search box and follow the links. This will allow you into the course using Guest access which so far, I've found lets me look at everything. However, if you'd like to get access as a student, Stephan asks that you simply email a request to him at Stephan.Schmidt@sa.gov.au

If you're keen and would like to find out more, he is very willing to come to you to chat about how he's developed his Demo site. I spoke to him this afternoon and he tells me that he's also working on allowing access to the site with Teacher permissions which will allow you to turn the editing function on and and see exactly how the page was put together.
The site is well worth a look if you develop your own Moodle pages.

Hi Peter, hi everyone
further to this, I had a look at Steph's Demo site and liked it. I met with Stephan and it was BRILLIANT - I've done a few Moodle courses etc but I learnt more about Moodle in an hour with Stephan than all the rest put together. Really basic stuff that gets missed out, perhaps, including:

  • One Moodle per Unit of competence (I currently have one Moodle with 20 Units on it)
  • One "GATEWAY" Moodle that has ICONS that direct you to OTHER MOODLES where the learning resources reside. Other icons on the gateway page can provide generic course info, as well. To see an example, look at Stephan's demo site:http://moodle.tafesa.edu.au/course/view.php?id=1990(this is a gateway Moodle to other Moodles)
  • For learning resources, use Moodles BOOKLET as this hold text, pics, video, quizzes etc etc AND facilitates simple navigation that you can quickly set up as a template to copy when creating new booklets or chapters. LMU can provide really pro looking banner graphics, icons and colour schemes that will match your Moodle colour schemes etc. (see Steph's demo site for cool colours and icon driven look)
  • Booklets can be printed in their entirety (ie including all the links and branches) by a student, if they choose.
  • Booklets can be backed up onto a CD for students without internet
  • etc etc etc
If you get the chance to have a session with Stephan, go for it - tho there is probably a more efficient way.
Peter Preece
Hi Folks,A couple of useful links for Moodle information.http://moodle.org/ Here you can browse the global Moodle community as a guest, You will need to register if you want to post or ask a question.SA Moodle Users groupCheersSandra